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This product was added to our catalog on Monday 30 October, 2017.

Tamiya (#54267) M05 M06 Aluminium Rear Upright (2 degree)

Model 54267
Manufacturer Tamiya
Status: Back Order Only
Price:   £25.00

These blue-anodized aluminum uprights provide increased rigidity to the rear suspension section and offer a more precise suspension movement and superior performance.

Specs & Features

  • These aluminum rear uprights feature 2.0 degree toe-in angle (same as kit standard resin uprights).
  • When installed onto M-05 chassis, rear toe-in angle will be 2.0 degree.
  • When installed onto M-06 chassis, rear toe-in angle will be 3.5 degree.
  • Aluminum Rear Upright (2.0 degree) L x 1pc.
  • Aluminum Rear Upright (2.0 degree) R x 1pc.
  • Can be used with M-05, M-05Ra, M-05PRO, M-06PRO, and M-06 chassis cars.
  • For M-05 chassis cars, use with M-05 Adjustable Upper Arm Set (54182) and 1050 Ball Bearings (51239).
  • For M-05Ra chassis cars use with M-05 Adjustable Upper Arm Set (54182), 1050 Ball Bearings (51239), and Aluminum Rear Upright (2.0 degree) Adapter for M-05Ra Chassis (54266).
  • For M-06PRO and M-06 chassis cars, use with 1050 Ball Bearings (51239).